New community Defibrillator officially launched at Chasewater Railway

On Wednesday we attended the official handing over the AED & cabinet at Chasewater Railway.

This is the second AED & cabinet funded by Martyn & Gill Bourne after Martyn went into cardiac arrest at a CPR & AED training event being facilitated by ourselves. 

Luckily, Lee & Gaz who were delivering this training, we’re able to save Martyn’s life before WMAS ambulance arrived on scene. 

Mark Sealey (Chairman) & Donna Sealey (Treasurer) for Chasewater Railway thanked Martyn & Gill for their kind donation and presented Martyn & Gill with a lifetime pass to the railway. 

The cabinet, which requires electricity, was installed by Bryan Sparks. 

A CPR & AED training session, which will be facilitated by Burntwood & Cannock CFR free of charge, is being arranged for this location if interested please keep a look out for further details. 



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